MGV Budapest Safe Deposit Box Service in Budapest, Without opening a bank account!

Does the idea overshadows your holiday that your valuables remain unsecured in your home? You don’t  trust the protection of your home safe or your pillow cover? Do you feel your values deserve 100% security?

Thus, avoid the trouble and choose the safe deposit service of Magyar Gazdaság- és Vállalkozásfejlesztő Zrt.!

The safe deposit box service is one of the oldest banking services that can be performed by financial institutions with the permission of the Hungarian National Bank (MNB). As a financial service provider, our company is licensed by the MNB, so it provides official, safe and professional safe deposit services to its customers in accordance with 2013. CCXXXVII. (Hpt.) 3. § (1) section j).

Authorization number: H-EN-I-875/2017

Sizes and Prices

Your safety is our value!

The main profile of MGV Zrt. has always been lending to small businesses, but at the beginning of 2018 we also opened a safe deposit room in the basement of our Budapest office in order to enlarge our services for our customers.

MGV Budapest Safe is Hungary’s first private safe service provider officially licensed by the National Bank of Hungary (MNB). National Bank of Hungary MNB.  Our safe room bears the most reliable biometric identification in Hungary and it is under 0-24 hours security surveillance.

So we can safely say: you don’t have to travel to Switzerland to put your values under 100% protection!

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Safe Deposit Box Rental Prices

Safe ‘A’

7.990 Ft


width 350 mm

depth 450 mm

height 60 mm


Safe ‘B’

9.990 Ft


width 350 mm

depth 450 mm

height 100 mm


Safe ‘C’

12.990 Ft


width 350 mm

depth 450 mm

height 150 mm


Safe ‘D’

17.990 Ft


width 350 mm

depth 450 mm

height 250 mm


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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about renting a safe deposit box and the process of renting

How can I rent a safe deposit box?

Fill in the form under “Safe Booking / Callback Request for Safe Rental” and our staff will get in touch with you!
You can also contact us by e-mail at or by phone at +36 1 301-0777.

Who can rent a safe?

The safe deposit box service is available to all Hungarian and foreign citizens over the age of 18.

What kind of documents are required to rent a safe?

In case of a Hungarian citizen, a valid identity card or other ID document with photo, tax card and address card are required for concluding the contract. In the case of a foreign citizen, a valid identity card or other ID document and a proof of address are required.

Is it possible for a foreign company to rent a safe?

Yes, the following documents are required for this process.

  • Founding decision of establishing the branch or commercial agency (certified copy required)
  • Personal documents of persons who act on behalf of the company (passport, photo ID, identity document, address card, etc.)
  • Decision appointing a representative (certified copy required)
  • Company statement (certified copy required)
  • Tax application form (if the tax number or statistical number is not included in the company statement) (certified copy required)
  • If a foreign person who is authorised to sign on behalf of the Company would like to designate a representative, a certified copy of Notarized or Apostilled document is required.

(If the language of the certified copies is not English or German, please submit the above-mentioned documents in a certified Hungarian translation issued by OFFI)

When can I visit / open the safe?

Opening hours of the safe room accordingly:

Monday from 9:00 to 17:00

Tuesday from 9:00 to 17:00

Wednesday from 9:00 to 17:00

Thursday from 9:00 to 17:00

Friday from 9:00 to 17:00

What personal belongings can be stored in the safe?

The items can be placed in the safe deposit box are included in the document “General Terms and Conditions of the Safe Deposit Box Service” (Section 4.2.1).

Is the safe insured?

Yes, Generali insurance company insures the safes. The amount of liability for damages is included in the current notice.

What can't be stored in the safe?

Items forbidden to be placed in the Safe Deposit Box are included in the document “General Terms and Conditions of the Safe Deposit Box Service” (clause 4.2.2).

What is the size of the safe?

  • Type „A” safe: width: 350 mm; depth: 450 mm; height: 60 mm
  • Type „B” safe: width: 350 mm; depth: 450 mm; height: 100 mm
  • Type „C” safe: width: 350 mm; depth: 450 mm; height: 150 mm
  • Type „D” safe: width: 350 mm; depth: 450 mm; height: 250 mm

To whom do we provide information about safe deposit boxes?

We will not disclose information to any third party unless instructed to do so by a court-authorized authority authorized by law.

What should I do if I lose my safe key?

The loss of the key must be reported and sent in writing immediately! Then, at a pre-arranged time, in your personal presence, the safe will be broken up, and a report will be made.

What is the cost of losing the safe deposit box key?

In case of loss of the key, the costs incurred by breaking the safe – and restoring it shall be borne by the Safe Tenant. The amount will be billed and payable on site.

What happens to my values if something happens to me?

In the event of death, after being entered in the estate inventory, the notary will contact us for data reconciliation. Once the legal heir has received the transfer order and certifies his or her legal inheritance, legal succession, we will issue the values ​​to him or her upon request.

Appointment / I request phone call for safe rental

    Main steps of safe rental

    Ask for an appointment

    Contact us by filling out the form on our website

    Necessary datas

    Send us your datas to prepare the contract.

    Entering into a contract

    Please visit our office to sign the contract

    Documents required for safe rental

    Check out our key documents

    Announcement of MGV Zrt. on fees and conditions related to safe service
    Declaration designating the person authorized to use the safe
    Documents of MGV Customer consent statement for access and handling of pers data
    Highlited public figure statement
    Safe trezor rental agreement company
    Statement (private person)
    Use of the safe
    Customer key handover protocol
    Declaration of recognition
    Documents of MGV data management policy exceptional client info
    Safe closing statement
    Safe trezor rental agreement private person
    statement - safe deposit box price
    Statement of rights regarding personal data processing